Sharing Gods love in time of sorrow

At work, we had a new employee in our department who without warning had her college aged son pass away while she was at work in a meeting.

Upon her return to work Diane and I decided we would share generosity with her. We left her a simple note stating no words from us could be of any comfort but we were praying for God to provide her and her husband with comfort and peace.

Inside we left $60 stating we hope her and her husband would take a few moments during this trying time and share a pizza or go to the movie and have time for them. During this time and forever, we pray Gods spirit and peace to be with them.

After leaving the envelope and note, about an hour later, I was walking around the building and ran into her. When she saw me coming in her direction, she increased her speed(almost running) to me giving me a huge and long hug repeatedly telling me thank you. She shared how much it was helping her get through the day knowing someone was praying for them for Gods peace. She promised she and her Husband would take some time for them together and they could feel Gods presence and love.

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