Tuesday Prayer Team

Please join us on Tuesday nights at 6:30 for prayer. It’s a time dedicated to pray for those we love and care about through the requests we receive throughout the week. It is a great privilege to serve others in this way. The reward is immeasurable! Please prayerfully consider joining us.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

This is an amazing and powerful ministry of Fellowship that has grown significantly in the last year. The stories of Jesus presence and peace through these works of love are miraculous!

If you already know how to crochet or knit, or if you have no idea but feel God calling you to this, contact Jenny Shelton at jennyshelton@tnfellowship.com or Savannah Pridgen at angelhairsmb@yahoo.com and we will get you connected.

If you would like to donate yarn or crochet hooks please leave them at the information desk.

If you’d like to support this ministry financially, please click on this link to make a donation: https://tnfellowship.onlinegiving.cc/donate/login

Prayer Request

    Private: Only staff and prayer team see those. Public: These are printed for entire church.