Nourish Food Bank

After receiving $10.00 for the Generous Adventure, it has made me so much more mindful of being generous no doubt. Soon after the Sunday that we were given the envelopes, I was asked to go tour the new Nourish Food Bank at 1809 Memorial Blvd. here in Murfreesboro. I was blown away by the set up they have at this new location, and how much food they are able to warehouse. But, just like we know with our FUEL program, I was still blown away with how many people we have in need of food in this County. To think we have such a booming economy here, but to still know there is such a need. The whole time I am taking this tour and hearing the statistics of our County and those in need, I am thinking about the $10.00 and the Generous Adventure. After leaving there, I could not stop thinking about all I had seen and heard. I just kept thinking about something I could do to help. Then it hit me to call back to the Food Bank and see if I could sponsor a month of food for homeless children. Of course they said yes, and told me that $2125.00 would cover 500 meals for the homeless. Again, knowing what our FUEL program does for so many, having the $10.00 bill burning a hole in my pocket, and feeling led to do, I could not resist sponsoring a month. Thank you Fellowship! Thank you for the Generous Adventure! And, thank you for making us all more mindful of what generosity truly is!

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