The people of Fellowship seek to fulfill the call of Christ to take care of the “least of these” by feeding the hungry and clothing the naked. Our Missions Team lives this out both globally and locally as you will see as you explore this page.

We drop off food bags to 6 local schools at the end of every week because otherwise, these children would not eat over the weekend. We deliver food boxes and lunches to the homeless and those one step out of homelessness and the local Murfreesboro motels. We have Bibles, books, and food boxes available for all those who are hungry, both spiritually and physically, that cross our path. There is also a group of very dedicated souls that spend 2 mornings each week making quilts that they give to the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital Cancer Center knowing that most of the children will be meeting God personally very soon.

All of these endeavors take money and time. We buy food, material, clothing, education, and books. We prioritize time to spend serving meals, packing boxes and bags, sewing, and shopping.

As you look over these pages, ask God to show you how He wants you to be involved. Make the phone call and get more information if you need to, but get involved. Use the gifts and talents God has most graciously given you to give to others. As your cup overflows, let it spill God’s love out onto others.

The point is to go where God is leading you and show those you come in contact with the love of God showered on them as God has showered His love on you.