Island 🌴

Tom and I received an envelope on March 17th he had $20 dollars and I also had $20 dollars. I immediately knew that we would double that and give $80 dollars to someone or some type of organization.
I knew we were going on a cruise on the 30th of March and felt that I would find a situation to give $80 dollars. Well, that didn’t happen.
I kept feeling like I should maybe spend 80 dollars on a family member that was getting back up on their feet for the first time in a long while.
I kept asking God to show me who to give it to.
Last week while driving to the dump to get rid of our recycling stuff, I was listening to 94 FM The Fish and they were raising money for the children of Haiti 🇭🇹. They said, $80 dollars will feed a child in Haiti for a year and water for life!!! (Clean water that is.)
I pulled into the dump and called and gave that $80 I was desperately trying to give.
I know I didn’t personally spend time with this child but God will.
So, I did get to help someone on an island, just in Gods way.
Tom and Connie Cunningham

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