Cousins Loss

In my envelope I recieved $50.00. I started praying who God would have me turn this into a blessing. A couple thing came to mind, but still wasn’t sure, so I continued to pray and then it hit me hard right in my heart this is for my cousin. Her husband had cancer that had spread all over his body. There son was having alot of problems in his life, going through a divorce with 2 children and his dads cancer. They loss there son suddenly and unexpectedly on Nov 4th last year. Then on Jan 6th her husband loss his battle with cancer. She loss her son and husband within 2 months. She lives in another town so I went down. It was so sad and my heart broke for her. She does have a daughter and grandchildren close. I ask that Fellowship keep her in your prayers. We keep in touch with each other. I added money with the $50.00. She said she would put it toward her husbands burial. She and I both cried. She was so thankful for this gift from God. She is a Christian. My heart is full and running over for this Blessing !!!!

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