Sharing Gods love in time of sorrow

At work, we had a new employee in our department who without warning had her college aged son pass away while she was at work in a meeting. Upon her return to work Diane and I decided we would share generosity with her. We left her a simple note stating no words from us could […]

Figuring out how God can use you…

The week before the generous adventure began I saw a news clip of a little girl who visited nursing homes and bought things requested by the residents. It really hit home with me and as soon as we got the money I knew where it needed to go, I just wasn’t sure how. I have […]

Helping classmates

My son Henry is six years old and in Kindergarten this year. He received $5 through the generous adventure and we have spent the last couple of weeks talking about what that means and how he thought he could use the money. His teacher sent a note home to parents reminding them to send snacks […]

Consoling a Dear Friend

My friend Becki was recently diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. She is a single mother of two whose own mother passed away from breast cancer. Since being diagnosed, she has had to take a leave of absence from work, and is currently living on disability benefits. My family and I decided this would be […]

Food for the Hungry

I came to your service with my daughter who has been blessed by your congregation at the Wesley Center on MTSU campus. She has found a family of friends and loves her group on campus. She is a junior this year and brags about the meals that are prepared and brought in each week by […]

Island 🌴

Tom and I received an envelope on March 17th he had $20 dollars and I also had $20 dollars. I immediately knew that we would double that and give $80 dollars to someone or some type of organization. I knew we were going on a cruise on the 30th of March and felt that I […]

Family in need. Roland Ferrick

On the Generous Adventure Sunday, I received an envelope with $10 in it. Immediately I thought I’d like to help a child. When I saw a post on Facebook about a Little Boy with a bad break to his leg which requires a full body cast for 6-8 weeks. His daddy was in an accident […]

Cousins Loss

In my envelope I recieved $50.00. I started praying who God would have me turn this into a blessing. A couple thing came to mind, but still wasn’t sure, so I continued to pray and then it hit me hard right in my heart this is for my cousin. Her husband had cancer that had […]

Nourish Food Bank

After receiving $10.00 for the Generous Adventure, it has made me so much more mindful of being generous no doubt. Soon after the Sunday that we were given the envelopes, I was asked to go tour the new Nourish Food Bank at 1809 Memorial Blvd. here in Murfreesboro. I was blown away by the set […]