Helping classmates

My son Henry is six years old and in Kindergarten this year. He received $5 through the generous adventure and we have spent the last couple of weeks talking about what that means and how he thought he could use the money. His teacher sent a note home to parents reminding them to send snacks […]

Consoling a Dear Friend

My friend Becki was recently diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. She is a single mother of two whose own mother passed away from breast cancer. Since being diagnosed, she has had to take a leave of absence from work, and is currently living on disability benefits. My family and I decided this would be […]

Food for the Hungry

I came to your service with my daughter who has been blessed by your congregation at the Wesley Center on MTSU campus. She has found a family of friends and loves her group on campus. She is a junior this year and brags about the meals that are prepared and brought in each week by […]

Island 🌴

Tom and I received an envelope on March 17th he had $20 dollars and I also had $20 dollars. I immediately knew that we would double that and give $80 dollars to someone or some type of organization. I knew we were going on a cruise on the 30th of March and felt that I […]

Family in need. Roland Ferrick

On the Generous Adventure Sunday, I received an envelope with $10 in it. Immediately I thought I’d like to help a child. When I saw a post on Facebook about a Little Boy with a bad break to his leg which requires a full body cast for 6-8 weeks. His daddy was in an accident […]

Cousins Loss

In my envelope I recieved $50.00. I started praying who God would have me turn this into a blessing. A couple thing came to mind, but still wasn’t sure, so I continued to pray and then it hit me hard right in my heart this is for my cousin. Her husband had cancer that had […]

Nourish Food Bank

After receiving $10.00 for the Generous Adventure, it has made me so much more mindful of being generous no doubt. Soon after the Sunday that we were given the envelopes, I was asked to go tour the new Nourish Food Bank at 1809 Memorial Blvd. here in Murfreesboro. I was blown away by the set […]

Generous Adventure

My family and I were at Fellowship the Sun. The Generosity envelopes were given out. We all got the $10 envelope, we decided to pull our money and also add to it. Couple of weeks went by and we still had no one in mi nd. We prayed for guidance. We got word a week […]

Sharing with a Daily Coworker

After prayer and thought I chose a coworker for my generous adventure. He has experienced continuous hard times since moving to this area. His wife has not been able to find a job which caused considerable reduction of income. I notice he never has money for or brings lunch. I have on occasion shared my […]