Story of my Life

January 16th and run through February 20th.

Everyone loves a good story. It’s what drives us to stay up longer at night than we intended—binge watching or binge reading—and there’s something about stories, no matter the genre, that attracts us. The truth is, we’re all living a story right now. For some of us we’re in a season of drama, for others maybe a romantic comedy, but regardless, we’re all in the middle of our stories. Starting in January, we’re going to look at how Jesus’ promise of “life to the full” plays out in each of our life stories. It’s important to understand both the direction and destination our lives are moving, and when we understand that Jesus offers us a joy greater than any happiness we can find here on earth, we can begin to live a full life. As we look at the story of our lives and what our lives are meant to look like, the life Jesus offers His followers makes more and more sense. Ultimately, when we understand our part in God’s story, we can better understand our own story.

Together we can make a difference,


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