July 2017 Series

At the Movies

We are so excited for our July 2017 Series!

Here are the dates and movies we will be discussing:

July 2nd – Forrest Gump

July 9th – Inside Out

July 16th – Star Wars

July 23rd Iron Man

Come Join us for Family Worship during the month of July 2017!

Why Family Worship?

As Christian’s we understand and realize the importance of church and worship. However, we are missing the importance of Family Worship.

So, what is family worship? It’s simple, really. It is taking the time to worship together as a family. Read the Bible together, sing worship songs together, learn together. Family worship has so many benefits, let’s highlight a few.

  • Brings glory to God
  • Modeling to the next generation what is corporate worship
  • Centering the whole family on the same Biblical truths
  • Encourages children in their faith

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