Divorce Recovery

Starts Sunday, January 13

Children (8-12) meet 3-4 pm

Adults meet 4:5-15 pm     Childcare available.

Rebuild life on a solid foundation. This class is appropriate for anyone going through or who has gone through divorce. Meet with others to explore roller-coaster feelings, learn to forgive, discuss dating after divorce, learn to deal with an ex – including how to deal with an ex with your children, and learn available, community resources.

  • Led by Rev. Shebbie Shields. You can find out more about this program by calling 615-663-6849
  • Runs 6 weeks beginning Jan. 13 through Feb. 17 in C1
  • Children (8-12) will meet 3-4 pm
  • Adults will meet 4-5:15 pm
  • Childcare will be provided during adult session
  • $30.00 each child and/or adult
  • To sign up: Kathydepizzo@tnfellowship.com or connieduncan@tnfellowship.com or call church
  • To register for this class you can text the word DIVORCE to 615-455-2332.

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